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We are in the final stages of MEDABOTS game creation, in about 1 month the game will be LAUNCHED in iOS and Android.

MEDABOTS PROJECT takes place in a world where artificially intelligent robots have been created to accompany and aid humans in all their endeavors. They have become so ubiquitous that children are paired with MEDABOTS that become their companions and friends throughout their lives. Their universality has also sprouted ROBATTLES, sanctioned MEDABOT battles that soon became a popular international sport. Grand sporting events are organized all around the world where participants compete to decide who is the best MEDAFIGHTER of all.
Game Intro
About & Details
You will start with 1 robot and you will be able to win pieces of new robots while you defeat Medabot battlers

These pieces are exchangeable and you can mix all the pieces between the robots to personalize your best robot. Every piece can be leveled up but for that you will need to gain experience by fighting.

Our protagonist, the PLAYER is just about to embark in their MEDAFIGHTER journey at the beginning of the game.

As it happens, the PLAYER CHARACTER is a child to a former WORLD ROBATTLE CHAMPION whose mother, REGINA, has until today forbidden the PLAYER from participating in ROBATTLES.

However, she has recently relented, feeling she can no longer hold back her child.

And give him enough money to get a basic model. It will be up to him to get better parts. You will have to defeat opponent by opponent in different levels. At the CITY PARK, the PLAYER can begin challenging other MEDAFIGHTERS, Such as a school kid, a tourist, a businesswomen, a punk and many more.

Also, TERRI mentions that probably the tougher MEDAFIGHTER the PLAYER will face is RENNARD

A local rich kid. RENNARD always gets his hand on the best parts available thanks to him being the son to one of the founders of ADS TECH, a MEDABOT parts manufacturer...

All the battles will be 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 and 3 vs 3, depending on each level.

After the PLAYER wins the LOCAL QUALIFIER, he can participate in the coming REGIONAL MEDALYMPICS. However, there is still some time to defeat enemies before the MEDALYMPICS start. Both TERRI and CAMILA suggest going to CITY CENTER: several skilled MEDAFIGHTERS usually hang around the plaza seeking challengers, so you must get ready and practice before the MEDALYMPICS!

Art Work
Our Medabots team are creating all the characters

Our Medabots team are creating all the characters, robots, pieces, environments, animations, design from scratch, we hope you enjoy our work and you can find some of the art here:


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